Frozen Book Tag

I was tagged by Mandy and Sha for this, but they found this tag over at Book’s Buzz! You can also read their answers here!

“Let It Go”: Pick a book you wouldn’t mind parting with

I cannot part with books, that’s so sad!

“In Summer”: Pick a book that you think should only be read in the summer

I don’t think I could that that a book should only be read in the summer? But I usually feel that contemporary books are perfect for the summer, does that count?

“Fixer Upper”: Pick a book that you wish had an alternate ending

Allegiant by Veronica Roth. I loved the series, until the final book and I think it ruined the series for a lot of people.

Olaf the Snowman: Pick a book that you’d like to give a warm hug

Literally anything that Cassandra Clare writes is just full of turmoil and emotion, her characters and books need hugs.

Elsa the Snow Queen: Pick a book that made you so mad, you just wanted to freeze it!

I’m not typically very angsty about books, but I will say the aforementioned Allegiant might fit this too.

Anna and Kristoff: Pick your favorite book couple!

Jace and Clary or Rhysand and Feyre, they’re my loves.

Anna and Elsa: Pick your favorite sibling relationship in a book.

Right now, I’m loving Nomi and Serina’s relationship in Grace and Fury (also Queen of Ruin).

Prince Hans of the Southern Isles: Pick a villain that seemed good at first, but ended up causing a heap of trouble.

I feel like answering this question is super spoiler-y? So I will say that one character from Lady Midnight. You know.

Do you enjoy watching Frozen? I’m… 50/50 to be honest. But I love Disney so I had to do this tag.





2 responses to “Frozen Book Tag”

  1. Mandy @ Book Princess Reviews Avatar

    I didn’t even remember doing this tag originally, but I did enjoy reading your answers! I did have to ask: do you ever unhaul any books or just keep all books even if you aren’t a real fan of them? And honestly, there are so many types of books that fit so well in summer and just work that I agree. Wonderful post, Kyera! 🙂


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