FairyLoot Unboxing – Broody Banter (June 2019)

I’m all about broody banter, or really just any kind of banter. Give me a quippy line and a sassy character, and I’m done.

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Broody Banter

Reading Journal

This planner/journal is the second half of the 2019 reading journal that Fairyloot sent out back in January. It’s really cute, but since I am in a committed relationship with my Happy Planner, this is a tough sell – but I love the bookish focus of it.

‘Simmer Down Kitten’ Lux Inspired Socks

This is kind of funny. Don’t know how I feel since I’ve never read the Lux series. Should I?

Mermaid Tea by The Tea Leaf Company

This delicious sounding mermaid tea is strawberry and kiwi flavored, so I’m on board and can’t wait to see how this tastes!

Character Paperclips

These are gorgeous and now I need to use these weighty paperclips on something more exciting than my schoolwork. I love their choices of broody (or banter-y) guys, can you figure out all of them?

Fake Book Box

I will never say no to a good fake book and this one is super pretty on the outside. It looks perfect on my shelf in my room.

Raven Boys Iron-On Patch

I liked this series okay, but genuinely laughed when I saw this patch and I kind of love it.

Fire Falling Wooden Bookmark

I’ve never read Fire Falling either, but this is a super pretty bookmark. Should I read the book? Series? I’ve never even heard of it, so I don’t know anything about it!

Bloodwitch Enamel Pin

Aeduan is super broody. The angst. I’m not in love with the pin, but I love pins so it’ll 100% go up.

A:tLA Art Print and Comic

I never see Avatar stuff in boxes so I was so excited to see this and it’s perfect!

Harry Potter Tarot Cards

Obviously, the Magician is Dumbledore. I’ve seen a lot of people call Death Draco, but I don’t know. Draco was my first instinct when looking at the picture, but the elements of it just don’t match Draco.

Usually Fairyloot puts counterparts together (and since this obviously isn’t Tom Riddle/Voldemort because he had dark hair even though he seems like the Death card and that snake is like the Chamber of Secrets, so it’s making an allusion to the heir of Slytherin, which Draco isn’t), it actually makes more sense to be Grindlewald, as Dumbledore’s counterpart… but he wouldn’t have the connection to Slytherin.

So picture-wise I think it’s Draco, but based on the card title and elements it should be Grindlewald or Voldemort. So this card has left me with a lot of confusion.

Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson

I’ve been super excited about this book since I heard about it (libraries!), so I am in love with this gorgeous teal (and sparkly) sprayed edition.

Character Art from Sorcery of Thorns

Really cool and I want to know what that cat is up to.

I am obsessed with the book and I hope I love the world that Rogerson has built. I plan to start reading it soon! But I also love the paperclips, the tarot cards (of course), and the fake book. This was such a good box!

Do you have a favourite item? Have you ever subscribed to FairyLoot before? Let me know in the comments below!





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