Two Can Keep A Secret – Karen M McManus

Two Can Keep a Secret

Two Can Keep a Secret by Karen M. McManus

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Two Can Keep a Secret is a stand-alone, mystery set in the town of Echo Ridge. Our main character is Ellery, who has a twin brother Ezra. Their mother was born in Echo Ridge, but left as soon as she could and never looked back – yet the twins are thrust back into the world that their mother ran away from when she is sent to rehab and they have to go live with a grandmother they barely know.

I don’t typically read mystery books, but I really enjoy them. This book laid the groundwork for a number of different mysteries that the reader had to try to unravel, which may or may not be related. First, when their mother was in high school her twin sister went missing. Second, five years ago the Homecoming Queen was murdered. Third, someone is threatening the new Homecoming Court.

The characters were diverse, if forgettable. No one character particularly stood out to me, but they were definitely not one-dimensional, they just didn’t receive the character development that I feel they could have. Everyone was likable enough and she had diversity to her cast, but no one was a favourite.

Ellery is obsessed with true crime stories because she was always curious about her missing aunt and her mother never talked about it. She takes the readers through the story with clue after clue and theory after theory. I don’t want to call her an unreliable narrator, but I felt as though the readers weren’t given enough information to really figure out the answers to the mysteries for themselves. By the time you could determine something, it was being blatantly laid out for you via the characters and plot.

It wasn’t a perfect story, but it was interesting and kept me listening. I listened to it as an audiobook and although I liked the male narrator, I was not a fan of the female narrator’s voice. That is irrelevant for the story, but in case people were thinking of listening to the book I thought I would bring it up.

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2 responses to “Two Can Keep A Secret – Karen M McManus”

  1. Omg YES, Kyera. I felt the same way. I totally agree about the mystery having to be laid out. It felt like there was no clues and then BAM so many clues and the MC had to spell it out for us. And totally about the characters. They were all just there. Great review, Kyera! 🙂

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