Shelflove Crate Unboxing – Feats of Illusions (December 2018)

After my absolutely incredible Kingdom of Ash box from Shelflove Crate, I wanted to check out their monthly box and what better time to do that than ask my Dad for one for Christmas? He bought me a bunch of different ones, so I hope you enjoy the random unboxings!

Image result for shelflove crate december 2018 feats of illusions

Wooden Ornament

This is super cute but doesn’t exactly feel like an ornament. I was a little confused as to what it was until I read the spoiler card. Love the quote and typography though.

GrishaVerse Face Mask

This is gold and super pretty, so I can’t wait to try it out!

Rhysand Plush

This is so ridiculous and cute. It’s sitting on my shelf with my Feyre Pop.

Heat Changing ‘The Belles’ Mug

This is super pretty, the flowers become colourful when heat is added.

Reading Journal

This has a lot of nice additional pages, like the A-to-Z Reading Challenge, reading goals, etc.

The Night Circus Typography

I’m not quite sure how to hang this up, but it’s such a fun item.

Amber & Dusk by Lyra Selene

This was a fun box, but I don’t know if I would subscribe again… I’m pretty enamored by Fairyloot and it’s tough to justify getting more than one box in a month. But I still really enjoyed this one! What did you guys think? Do you have a favourite item? Let me know in the comments!

9 responses to “Shelflove Crate Unboxing – Feats of Illusions (December 2018)”

    • Yeah, there are so many with similar names that it can be confusing. Obviously, each month can be better or worse than others.. but I definitely think you get more for your money with Fairy Loot and then with Owlcrate than Shelflove (although their Kingdom of Ash box was amazing.. I just got their King of Scars box and was kind of eh. Some amazing, some.. just why’s.)

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