The Bookish Box Unboxing – Twisted Fairytales (January 2019)

This was my first experience with the Bookish Box and I’m kind of sadly disappointed. I am always happy to try a new subscription box and support small businesses – but this one just didn’t feel professional to me, so I wanted to write an honest review.

First, my items were shipped in a priority mail envelope, not a box so a number of the items were damaged upon arrival. The book’s corners and jacket were damaged, the art/spoiler paperwork was crushed, and I was sad. My friend ordered from them before as well and the same thing happened to them – so this is not a new occurrence. They did not just run out of boxes.

Art/Sticker of Belle

I love Belle, but I don’t necessarily love this art.

Moon Ring

I have definitely worn this every day since I received it. Hands down the one item in this box that made me feel like I paid for something that I really liked.

Lavender Shower Steamer

I’m not sure if I’ll ever use this (not entirely sure what it is, beyond making a bath smell? Is that its entire purpose?), but it does smell very strongly if you like lavender and tend to use bath products you might have liked it?

Lunar Chronicles Pin

Oh my Stars! I love that we got a Lunar Chronicles item in this box and I love pins, so this is my second favourite item.

Beauty and the Beast Book Sleeve

This is the item that I am most torn about. Visually: It is gorgeous and I am in love with it. Physically: It is very poorly made. That is just a personal opinion, but I do not feel that it would be very protective for your books. I have made my own book sleeves before and I know how difficult (or not) it is to make them. This has no padding, the stitching is inconsistent (I am afraid that with a little use it will start to come apart) and there are threads sticking out everywhere. It just doesn’t look professional and I love the pattern so much that I wish it was actually as nice as it looked. I would use this all the time if it was!


The art is cool and it’s nice that they are doing items that are a part of a set.

White Stag – Kara Barbieri

I’ve never heard of this, but I’m always game to discover a new book.

Honestly, I guess I just felt like I paid more money than the items were worth – where normally you feel as though you got more than you paid for when you get a box.

So what do you guys think of this box? Do you love any of the items? Were you as confused by some as I was? (Probably not, because you’re probably experienced bath bomb and fizzy bath product people. Unlike me.)

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