Owlcrate Unboxing – Lost in a Bookstore (October 2018)

Thanks to my bookstagram photo from August, I actually got this box for free from Owlcrate – it has just taken me forever to put this post together even though I took photos so long ago. I’ve been holding onto it because I haven’t gotten a chance to film/edit the video, but I figured I should post it before it’s like a year out of date. Sorry for the delay!

Image result for owlcrate lost in the bookstore

You’ve been warned and only spoilers come beyond this point.

The Book (8)
The Book (4)

OwlCrate Lost in the Bookstore Pin

Owlcrates generally come with a little pin and this one is the same art as the art card.

Bookish Goodies

Owlcrate Exclusive ‘Book Nerd’ Socks by Underlined and Out of Print

I adore these… but they’re not exclusive. I saw them the other day in the bookstore, just without the Owlcrate Exclusive ribbon on the side. Literally, identical.

Tea Strainer by Owlcrate and Tea from the Tea Spot

I haven’t gotten a chance to try it yet, but it’s cute and the tea is choco-mint.

Typography Book Pouch

Very cute, but definitely does not easily fit a book in it unless it’s a paperback (and they call it a book pouch.)

Hedwig/Harry Potter Art Print

If the Mirror of Erised showed my heart’s deepest and most desperate desire… it would probably include books, fairy lights, magic, and a pet so let’s be honest this is pretty accurate.

The Book

Shadow of the Fox by Julie Kagawa

Pride by Ibi Zoboi

It’s super exciting to get not one, but two Owlcrate exclusive books!

The Book (3)

Letter From the Author and Bookmark (for both books)


I am terrible at taking unboxing photos, so here is a pretty picture of each book. That counts, right?

The theme for January is: Magical Artifacts

 “Let’s kick off 2019 with an awesome box of wonder! The January box is inspired by some of our favorite magical items from stories!
✨ Our book pick is an intricate and mysterious tale about a group of misfits seeking a very important artifact. Join them as they lurk around the city streets of historical Paris – what dark secrets will they encounter?
✨ The book will be a beautiful exclusive OwlCrate edition, which will be signed by the author!
✨ Items in the box will be inspired by enchanted objects from beloved books such as Harry Potter, Shadow and Bone, The Lord of the Rings, The Golden Compass, and A Darker Shade of Magic!
✨ Graphic by @heyatlascreative” – Owlcrate

Hope you enjoyed my unboxing, happy reading!


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