Weekly Wrap Up: October 15-21

Today is my dad’s birthday, so Happy Birthday Dad!! That’s the exciting news for the week, you may continue on with your day. Haha. Anyway.. it’s almost Halloween and I am so excited! I’m pretty sure I’m going to dress up as Hermione Granger and I’m attempting to figure out if I can get my coworkers to dress up at the library on Halloween.

Books I Reviewed This Week:

Tower of Dawn (Throne of Glass, #6)

Tower of Dawn by Sarah J Maas – My Review

The Towering Sky (The Thousandth Floor, #3)

The Towering Sky by Katharine McGee – My Review

Books I Read This Week:

The Golden Tower (Magisterium, #5)

The Golden Tower by Cassandra Clare and Holly Black

Currently Reading:

Hocus Pocus & The All New Sequel

Hocus Pocus & the All-New Sequel by A.W. Jantha

Wildcard (Warcross, #2)

Wildcard by Marie Lu

Reflection: A Twisted Tale (Twisted Tale, A)

Reflection by Elizabeth Lim

Other Bookish Posts:


 Top 5 Tuesday – Books That Didn’t Live Up To The Hype


What books did you guys read this week, any new favourites? I’d love to get more recommendations as if my TBR pile isn’t big enough already! What fandoms or mythologies would you like to see me cover? I really need some recommendations. Any reads on your autumn or winter TBRs? Books you’re looking forward to in 2018 or 2019? Anybody getting close to their Goodreads goal for 2018? I just recently hit mine. Let me know in the comments below!

8 responses to “Weekly Wrap Up: October 15-21”

  1. HB to your Dad!!!! I just finished Tower of Dawn and I fell in love with Chaol all over again! Can’t wait for Kingdom of Ash! That reminds me, must go and check if my pre order has been dispatched!!


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