Disney Princess Comics (1-4) by Mebberson et al

Disney Princess  #1 (Disney Princess, #1)Disney Princess by Amy Mebberson

My rating: 3.5/4 of 5 stars

I picked these comics up because I am a huge fan of the Pocket Princess comics that Amy Mebberson writes and draws. They’re always super cute and I love her art style. I was super excited to hear that she had been hired by Disney to create a series of comics and could not wait to read them. That being said, as she is not the author and illustrator of this series I will review each part as if it is a separate entity and then give you my opinions as a whole.

The art is still the adorable style that you might be familiar with if you’ve ever read Pocket Princesses. Although at times the art seemed rushed, as I can imagine the artist had to create this comic book art much more quickly than she created her Pocket Princess comics – overall it was super appealing and I really enjoyed the visual experience of the comic.

The writing wasn’t anything that amazed me, but the stories were cute and enjoyable. Sometimes I felt like the princesses were being shown as manic pixie dream girls, but then other times they felt authentic. It was a hit or miss with the erratic narrative. It was really the artwork over the storytelling that shone for me in these comics.

The ‘storyline’ of the comics was non-existent and that’s what made this series a 3.5 or low 4-star read. It was incredibly confusing at times to be three panels into a story and then immediately switch to another princess/movie. They never segued back to the story, so a lot of the plots felt incredibly unfinished to me. Each story was self-contained and could vary from a couple of panels to a couple of pages long. There was no plot line or narrative to this series, nor was there a logical order to the comics themselves. It was very choppy and was the only thing that really detracted from my enjoyment of these comics.

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7 responses to “Disney Princess Comics (1-4) by Mebberson et al”

  1. I actually just bought these so I’m bot super excited and kind of sad about it. I’m glad that it brought fun and the graphics are cool but a bit sad that there’s not a really coherent narrative to it as well as they didn’t all feel as authentic. Wonderful review, Kyera! 🙂

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