Dread Nation – Justina Ireland

Dread Nation (Dread Nation, #1)Dread Nation by Justina Ireland

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Dread Nation is a historical fiction novel – featuring zombies. Yes, zombies were quite popular about a decade ago and got pretty played out, but now they’re back and I’m not bored by them. Ireland brought them into the story in a unique way and made me curious about how they came to be. They were not the focus of the story, so she let the characters and plot shine first then the creepy undead shamble along behind.

Our main character was born to the lady of a plantation, but she was brought up loved and educated. She is a strong, learned woman of colour – even if she is not treated that way by the people of the time. Despite the fact that this is historical fiction, it’s so poignant in our current climate and should make readers think. It has a brilliant way of approaching race relations and generally just how to treat others without being preachy or too on the nose. You start to think about things in the context of the story before you even realize what an impact the book has had on you in the real world. I thought it was the most important aspect of the book.

Once the dead rose up after the battle of Gettysburg – post Civil War life changed dramatically. After a number of years unsuccessfully beating back the undead hordes – the government decided to create the “Native and Negro Reeducation Act” which would train both parties to hunt and kill the undead. Our main character Jane is sent to one of those schools, although hers is also training her to be a lady’s attendant. There she learns to curtsy and shoot a rifle, how to properly lace a corset and fire a crossbow, and must balance the violence with the persona of a lady that she must put on if she ever wishes to be hired.

While Jane loves being capable, shooting guns and swinging swords, all she really wants is to go back home to her mom and aunt in Kentucky. Unfortunately, life does not play out that way for her and Jane is forced to battle with many more unseen and unseemly foes than she ever could have expected. I enjoyed the interactions between Katherine and Jane, although I wish each of the main and supporting characters would have been developed a little more. At times, I felt that their desires and motivations were a little flat.

Although the book felt like a standalone the entire time I was reading it – by the end of the story new bits of information had been woven into the narrative and made me wonder what was going to happen in the next book. I really enjoyed the book, but more strongly for the message that it had than the plot or characters themselves (even though I liked them as well).

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7 responses to “Dread Nation – Justina Ireland”

  1. SHA @ Book Princess Reviews Avatar

    I… didn’t expect this book at all? The fact there is a zombie book alive and well (no pun intended) in 2018 is another. The fact that it’s hist. fic and mixes zombies with slavery is a WHOLEEE other thing. That is SUCH a concept. I’m glad the idea played out well for you and you enjoyed it. I’ll need to think about if this should make it to my TBR… I’m not the biggest zombie fan, but this idea seems to original to miss?

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    1. kyera Avatar

      Yeah, I thought I was over the zombie thing (and probably am) but this book didn’t focus on that. Yes it was an aspect of the plot, but I think the characters and their stories are the true focus. I hope you enjoy it if you decide to read it!


      1. SHA @ Book Princess Reviews Avatar

        A good author really can bring back tropes we thought were dead! I do appreciate books where character development is a true focus… Thanks, I’ll definitely be thinking on it!

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