Villains More Interesting Than The Heroes – Top 5 Tuesday

I have never been someone who connects more with the villains (or anti-heroes) of a story than the heroes. Honestly, I have a hard time enjoying a book when the main character is an anti-hero. If they don’t have redeeming or relatable characteristics, then it’s tough to relate to them and books are so much more meaningful and impactful when you put yourself in the shoes of the characters. I had a tough time coming up with these answers this week.

I also decided to try matching my (blog) posts to my Instagram posts, so be sure to check out my insta and let me know what you think of the format! When I’m picking books it’s much easier to match – but characters? Yeah, that’s a little tougher.

Top 5 Tuesday is a weekly meme that the lovely Bionic Bookworm does. If you are interested in doing any of her topics on your blog she welcomes it! Don’t forget to check out her upcoming topics if you’re interested in participating in future Top 5’s! Be sure to check out her post here!

Villains More Interesting Than The Heroes:

Nova from Renegades by Marissa Meyer

Going into the story we are met with the typical good versus bad guys plot – yet we discover that there is a lot more to the story and nuance involved with characters, so those that we may have originally seen as the villains become intriguing and dimensional.

Legend from Caraval by Stephanie Garber

Legend’s whole appeal is that he is mysterious and magical, so we spend both books just attempting to discern his true identity. That’s so much more interesting than our heroes!

The White Witch from the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis

While I love the characters from Narnia as we met them in the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe – I was always so curious about the White Witch. What was her backstory and motivation? How did she come to be that way? Yes, we learn more about her but I always wondered and so I think maybe that makes her more interesting than the heroes?

Loki from Thor

So it’s not a book, sort of.. (comic book characters count, right?) but I’ve always found Loki so much more nuanced and dimensional than Thor. Yes, he’s a trickster and sometimes he goes a little too far (waaaay too far really), but you can see how his tragic backstory led him down that path and how there’s just that little sliver of redeeming qualities in him that you wonder if maybe he could change his ways? Probably not, but the curiosity I have for that journey makes him much more interesting than Thor.

Hades from Hercules

This is 100% not a book, but Hades is hands down my favourite Disney villain. He is hilarious and you just cannot help but love his character. As much as I love that movie, Hercules, Pegasus, and Meg – he’s just so much more interesting than him. The drama between the Olympians, Hades’ angst over his brothers and desire to rule because ‘technically’ he was the oldest of his siblings and had been cheated out of his birthright.

Simple-Line-Light-4Do you tend to love villains more than the heroes? I don’t, but I can appreciate a good villain! Also, did you notice a little element that I added (photoshopped) into one of my photos? It’s a little tough to see, but if you did let me know in the comments!

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