Everless – Sara Holland

EverlessEverless by Sara Holland
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was immediately drawn into Everless because the cover was so intriguing. The detail of the world within the hourglass drew me in and I wasn’t disappointed by the story. The premise was unique: time is currency in this world and can be harnessed from your blood. As in most societies, there is incredible stratification and inequality. The poor must sell their time to survive while the rich horde time and live for hundreds of years.

The main character Jules finds herself in the employ of one of the wealthy families and embroiled in more trouble than she ever expected. Despite the fact that her father always warned her against returning to the Gerling estate, she didn’t listen and hoped that she could make enough while in their service to give her father more time. She is both fiercely loyal and trusting, which is not always a positive in this environment. I found her to be likable and rooted for her success or survival.

There were aspects of the plot that I found to be a little formulaic and to be expected, but others that surprised me. It was a good mix of feeling like I was figuring things out as the main character did and being surprised by reveals. I felt that the book was well written and can wait to see where the author takes this story.

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7 responses to “Everless – Sara Holland”

  1. I gave the same rating! I completely agree with you on how the plot was a little predictable, but yes, there were also quite a few moments that surprised me as well! Lovely review! I’m really excited for the sequel!

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  2. I’ve been seeing so many iffy reviews about this – especially due to the formula aspect of it. However, you make it sound so good, though, Kyera, and I’m glad there were some twists in the formula. Might have to check it out! Wonderful reivew! 🙂

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