Batgirl, Volume 2: Son of Penguin – Hope Larson

Batgirl, Volume 2: Son of PenguinBatgirl, Volume 2: Son of Penguin by Hope Larson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I fell in love with Babs again when her story was reintroduced in DC’s New 52 and she got a costume redesign. As much as I enjoyed Gail Simone’s run, it was the collaboration of Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher and Babs Tarr that pulled me back in. I became obsessed with the new costume and loved Babs Tarr’s art style. I adored issues 35-52, but then there was another change with DC Rebirth and Batgirl left Burnside. I was not quite as invested in the first few issues (plus I didn’t enjoy the art), but that was soon remedied with the introduction of Penguin’s son.

The story arc contained in Volume 2: Son of Penguin felt more like the New 52 Batgirl I fell in love with, again. Although the plot was predictable at times, it will still enjoyable. Both Hope Larson’s writing and the talents of the artists gave me hope that Batgirl’s run will continue to improve. As she is my favourite female superhero (other than Wonder Woman, I truly couldn’t choose) I cannot wait to see where this team takes her story.

I would definitely recommend her Batgirl of Burnside arc from the New 52 and her new story in Rebirth to fans of comics and interesting female characters. I may also be biased because in this iteration she is a grad school student who is currently studying to become a librarian, which is exactly what I am doing – so I feel like we are kindred spirits, or twins. Whatever.

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