Storm of Lightning – Richard Paul Evans

Storm of Lightning (Michael Vey, #5)Storm of Lightning by Richard Paul Evans

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Storm of Lightning is the fifth book in the Michael Vey series. It still possessed the same writing quality as the previous books, which makes it feel like a middle-grade novel rather than a young adult series. As Michael is a fourteen-year-old boy, the writing feels like he is providing the reader with the story – which makes it read more authenticly, but the lack of writing finesse might frustrate some readers.

I enjoyed the character development that some of the electric children under Hatch’s control showed in this book. Previously, they were completely in agreement with Hatch and all of his plans but when his actions begin to affect them, the children are forced to take a step back and really think about where they stand. That questioning provides each of them with more depth to their personalities, which prior to this book felt flat.

Overall, this book felt like it had the least amount of plot action and storyline. It suffered from being a middle book and its function tended more towards setting up locations and plot points for the final two books in the series, rather than being a strong book on its own. Despite the plodding pace of the book in general, the ending intrigues the reader enough to make you wonder what’s next for the Electroclan?

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