Quick Update/Temporary Hiatus

I just wanted to post a quick update. My area has been without power for the last 24 hours and some areas are not expected to get power back for a day (or even up to a week from now.) 

I’m hoping we get power back soon, but until then I can’t post anything or respond to comments. I was trying earlier but having very little success, since my phone signal is practically nonexistent. 

I have so many reviews that I just want to write and can’t get them down! (And my monthly wrap up, ahhhh!) Hopefully everything is back to normal soon (other than the fact that all the food in my fridge is now bad 😓.) 

Hope you guys are having a better day!






6 responses to “Quick Update/Temporary Hiatus”

  1. laurafreestone Avatar

    Hey just think of it as more book time, write the reviews on paper for now?

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    1. kyera Avatar

      That’s positive thinking! I wish it wasn’t so dark when I get home from the library, I’ll have to write my reviews by candlelight! 🙃

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  2. bookprincessreviews Avatar

    So, so, sorry, Kyera! I hope it’s back soon! I hate it when you have all this stuff to do, but then the power outage just knocked it right out. *crosses fingers for you*

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    1. kyera Avatar

      Yeah, I called my grandma on the way home today and they have power back at least. So I’m happy about that. I have to drive her to radiation tomorrow, som I’m thinking I’ll grab my mom’s laptop and just write at grandma’s house once we get back. Probably charge my phone and stuff too. Thankfully the library has power so I can charge my phone, but we don’t have internet or anything so we can’t even check out books. We’ve got a notebook full of people’s library card numbers and the barcodes of the items they’re borrowing so when the system comes back online we can actually check them out.

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      1. bookprincessreviews Avatar

        Ooooh, that’s not a bad idea as well! And omigosh, what a system! XD I didn’t think about how you would have to deal with that. That’ll be a job that keeps you busy when it comes back.

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      2. kyera Avatar

        On a positive note, I got power back! On a negative, what I will call “library headquarters for my State” hasn’t.


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