My First 100 Followers – Thank You!

Seriously guys, thank you. I used to have a review blog on blogger, but I was just never completely happy with the interface and finally decided to move to WordPress. I made a blog on here for my Peace Corps experience and just ended up loving working on this site. (I am so bad at updating that one. Sorry friends and fam.)

I created Kyera’s Library at the end of last year and spent a few months mostly working on designing my blog, porting over my old reviews, and trying to edit (titles at the very least) for consistency. I’m still constantly looking for ways to make my blog better, more easily navigated and let’s be honest, prettier. I really started focusing on writing reviews and doing tags on my blog in January or February of this year and now so many months later I’m so proud to say that I’ve hit my first 100 followers!

It may not be a crazy high number or you may think that it took a long time – but I am so thankful for each and every one of you guys. I finally have a blog that I am proud of and get excited to try to post something new for you guys each day, whether it’s a book review, a tag or my Wizarding World Series.

I honestly love sharing the books that impact me with other people. There’s nothing better than hearing from someone that they read one of my reviews and it inspired them to read the book or they became obsessed with a book I recommended. Books are my life and it makes me so happy when other people have that passion.


I am always striving to make my blog better, so please let me know if you have any advice or comments!

14 responses to “My First 100 Followers – Thank You!”

    YAY, Kyera!! Your blog is amazing. ❤ And so much fun. No recommendations. You deserve every last follower and sooooooooooo many more! 😀 Congrats, Kyera!! 😀

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