Sunshine Blogger Award

Hey guys,  I was tagged by Rendz from ReadingWithRendz for the Sunshine Blogger Award. I have never received this award before, so I was excited to see what it entailed. I truly appreciate being nominated and push you to go check out her blog. It’s wonderful.



1. Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.

2. Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.

3. Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write then 11 new questions.

4. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.

1. What is your current read? Are you enjoying it?

I am currently reading the Shadow Queen and am only 12% of the way through it, so I don’t  have super strong opinions yet but I am enjoying it. Edit: By the time I got around to finishing this… I also completed Shadow Queen and I loved it. I plan to write a review for it.

2. What was your last read? What did you think of it?

My last book was Wintersong by S.Jae-Jones and I wrote a review of it. It was a good read, but not one of my favourites.

3. Which author are you *dying* to meet?

J.K.Rowling would be an actual dream. She has been my favourite author since I was 8 or 9 years old and heavily influenced by love of reading.

4. How do you organize your shelves?

Currently, the bookshelf in my room is organized more by my favourite books and series than anything else. I had to pack up a lot of my books before I came to Guyana, so I have about 5 storage bins of books that are waiting for me to return home and put them on a shelf. The shelves in the family room are mostly books from when I was a kid like I-Spy, Dr. Seuss, etc and my old school books that I wanted to keep. Those don’t have a rhyme or reason. I want to try to the rainbow shelf, just because it’s so gorgeous but I think having all of my series separated will stress me out a little.

5. Do you own any special book swag? 

I own a lot of book swag, but specifically special? I love my scented candles, sometimes I light specific ones when I’m reading certain books and I think the ambiance is wonderful.

6. Was there a time when you liked the movie more than the book?

Yes, there was one time I remember thinking that the movie was better than the book and for the life of me can’t recall what it was. Sorry. But clearly overall, that’s never the case.

7. Would you rather be able to breathe underwater or fly?

Oh that’s so tough because I love the water, but flying would be so cool. I think breathe underwater! Imagine, you could go snorkling in coral reefs or be a mermaid. That’s pretty amazing.

8. What is your favourite genre of books/movies?

Fantasy, action/adventure and science fiction are my favourite genres of both books and movies.

9. What is your guilty pleasure read?

Comics! I don’t know if that counts, but that’s my pick. Wonder Woman, Ms Marvel, Jem and the Holograms, The Flash, Batgirl, Seekers of the Weird, Haunted Mansion, the Avengers, etc.

10. Do you have any unpopular opinions on books?

I tried to read Wicked by Gregory Maguire before but I just couldn’t. I read a few chapters and never finished it. One day, I want to try to read it again but for now.. meh. (And I adore the musical, even though it’s probably not that similar.)

11. What is your favourite past-time other than reading?

Anything music related, attempting to play guitar or ukelele, and singing. Also nerdy things like comic books, cosplay and video games.

I also really loved some of the questions that Rendz answered, so I’m going to cheat and answer them myself as well.

1. What is one book that made you cry?

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling

I think you know why. I remember reading this book at my Grandma’s house, laying on the couch and bawling. Seriously. It was wonderful and traumatizing. Ugh J.K. too many feels.


2. If you could travel one place in the entire world and all your expenses were paid, where would you go?

Oh wow, that would be a dream. I’m torn between my love of Disney and all of my options in the entire rest of the world. The UK and Ireland with their ancient castles, rolling hills, Doctor Who and Harry Potter experiences, etc; Australia with its Great Barrier Reef, forbidding Outback, awe-inspiring falls, etc; Egypt with its pyramids; France with its coast, Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower; Rome and Greece with their ancient roots (anything and everything mythological is on the list); China with the Great Wall; and I could go on. But if I could choose to go to all of the the Disney Parks in Asia, that would be my dream. I’ve heard that the one in Tokyo is the best with gorgeous areas dedicated to the Little Mermaid, Alice in Wonderland, Aladdin, etc but I’d also love to see the newest addition in Shanghai. If I had to choose one, I’m not sure I could pick between the two (at least I eliminated one).

3. Which TV show would you choose to binge watch?

If we’re talking rewatch I would probably binge watch Doctor Who. I did that while I was here but I only have up through Series 7. It was wonderful because I haven’t binged it in about 3 or 4 years. I also binged Avatar the Last Airbender and Korra, but again sadly don’t have all of them. If we’re talking something I haven’t seen yet.. I’d binge whatever seasons I’ve missed in the last 2 years of Once Upon a Time, Flash, Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf, etc.

4. Would you rather meet your favourite author but you cannot say a single word, or would you have a signed copy of your favourite book made personally to you but every 10th page is missing?

Oh, the damaged book would hurt my heart so much. I am not great with human interactions or telling someone I admire, to their face, how much they mean to me. That being said, I would rather meet them even though I wouldn’t be able to express myself because let’s be honest.. I wouldn’t be able to express myself even if I could speak.

5. What is your top reading strategy to maximize how many books you will read in a year?

If I’m not connecting with a book, I will put it aside and come back to it at a later date. I wouldn’t want to have to force myself to read and create a self-imposed reading slump. I would rather switch to something else that I will breeze through or fall in love with, and come back to it later.

I will also occasionally read more than one book at a time because I’m not always in the same environment. Since I’ve been building, painting, and setting up a library at my school – I’ve been listening to a lot of audiobooks. It’s a great way to pass the time and maximize my reading. Sometimes I get them on audible, but more often I borrow audiobooks and ebooks from my library online. (If you’ve never done that, you should definitely check out your library’s online catalogue.)

The other volunteers were creating reading goals for themselves while they were here, but I was hesitant to do that because it would put a lot of pressure on me. I ended up casually picking 200 books in two years and that ended up being passed 45 books ago. But I still don’t feel like setting goals or numbers to hit is a good way for me to personally read a lot.

6. Which fictional character would you go out on a date with, and do you think it would work out?

Jace Wayland. Probably the first fictional character I fell in love with. We would go to one of those really awesome either indoor or outdoor in the tree “adult” playgrounds. I have no idea what you call them, but I am a child and they are amazing. The outdoor ones have rope bridges, things you can climb, and they’re in nature – so yes. The indoor ones have trampolines, lots of equipment for free-running which I’m sure Jace would be amazing at and could help me out sooo much. The jokes, sass, and comebacks during that session would be epic. Either way, it would be amazing and then we would go eat. Somewhere. Hmmmm.. if I had to pick, Legal Seafoods. That is my favourite restaurant and they’re extra amazing because they are super conscientious about my gluten allergy, and I am always super concerned to go out to eat. Assuming that either Jace or I am magically rich, we would go to Disney World. And yes, we would be very successful.

My nominees, and please don’t feel like you need to do this again if you’ve already been nominated.

My Questions:

  1. If you could be any fictional character, who would you want to be and why?
  2. Which fictional character do you relate to most/feel is most like you?
  3. If you could do anything or be anything what would you be?
  4. What is your favourite tv show and/or movie?
  5. Who is your Disney sidekick spirit animal?
  6. What is your most read book?
  7. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  8. Have you ever written a book, if not would you want to?
  9. What is your most used/favourite social network?
  10. Describe your ideal book. (What’s the setting, genre, etc)
  11. What is your favourite holiday?

Thank you again to Rendz for nominating me, please go check out their blog as well as the nominees!






7 responses to “Sunshine Blogger Award”

  1. Reading with Rendz Avatar

    Ahhh such wonderful answers!!!!! Yayay, another fantasy lover! Can I accompany you on all your travels? They sound sooooo awesome! Hahaha I loved you answers to my nomination questions! Great post!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kyera Avatar

      Yes, I’d love to have you join me on my travels! Haha

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Mandy Avatar

    Fantastic post, Kyera! I always love reading the award posts, because the answers are so much fun. 😀 I super agree about binge watching Doctor Who. I did that a few years ago as well, and it is so easy and fun to binge. And ooooh, I’m planning on reading The Shadow Queen super soon, so I’m glad you enjoyed and I can’t wait to read your thoughts soon!! And I super agree about rainbow shelves. It scares me a lot to have the series separated…but RAINBOW. XD Such a fun post, and thanks so much for the nomination! I can’t wait to enter your questions!! 😀


    1. kyera Avatar

      Thank you so much, love. I love writing and reading award posts as well, they give you a glimpse into the writer behind the blog. Something you can’t just experience from a review post (if they’re a book blogger). I can’t wait to read your responses!!


  3. Tiana (The Book Raven) Avatar

    Thanks for nominating me! I look forward to doing this award! 😊💕

    I loved reading your answers! I would also choose to meet the author damaged books are so sad to see 😫


    1. kyera Avatar

      Thank you, love! I’m excited to read your responses as well. I feel that these types of posts are a fantastic way to support and get to know one another in this lovely blogger community.

      Liked by 1 person

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