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Hello fellow book lovers, I’m Kyera. I try to review books as soon as I read them and hope that my comments help you discover new and exciting books that are perfect for you! Reading is one of my passions and I enjoy reading a wide variety of YA novels, so if you want me to review a specific book, please message me with the book’s name and author. As always, please leave feedback and let me know what you think! Happy reading!

Check out Goodreads to see all of my book reviews and ratings. I don’t always get a chance to write a review for every book I’ve read, so feel free to message me if you want me to review a specific book, whether or not I’ve read it already. Let me know if there are specific things you’d like to see in my reviews (like more detailed comments on characters) to help you pick your next read!

If you are an author or publisher looking for honest, objective, and substantive reviews, please send me an email! I’d be thrilled to read and review your book. I am happy to read ARCs, physical, or digital books, then post my reviews on my blog, my Goodreads account, and Amazon. If you have any other website where you’d like me to post a review, please let me know in your email.

As always, I want to help you discover a new book to read and maybe find a favourite along the way.

XO  Kyera


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