Meet Olly

If you read any of my recent Weekly Wrap Up posts, you might have guessed why I have been a little MIA the last two-ish weeks. I got a brand new puppy and his name is Olly. So I want to introduce you to him. He is 10 weeks old now, so I’ve had him for two weeks. He is a precious little Cavapoo (half Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and half Poodle) that resembles a leaf in autumn and has tried to play hide and seek in my yard on numerous occasions (I took an eye spy picture of him the other day and some people couldn’t find him.)


Here are a few photos of Olly:

Eventually he will be old enough so that I can train him to sit, stay, etc. and trust me – you’ll see super cute photos of him posting with books and helping out with my unboxing posts. Until then… he just tries to eat the bookish items.

Thanks for letting me introduce you to Olly and I hope to get back to my regular blogging schedule soon!





10 responses to “Meet Olly”

  1. Elaine Howlin Avatar

    What a cutie?! Hello Olly!!

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    1. kyera Avatar


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  2. Lorryn Avatar

    OMG he’s the cutest!

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    1. kyera Avatar



  3. leighhecking Avatar

    So cute! Congrats! I too got a quarantine pet. A 8-week old kitten who’s now 5 months old. Isn’t it the best?

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    1. kyera Avatar

      I have been waiting for my little buddy for so long. My dog piper passed in 2018 and my mom told me that I could not get a new pet until I finished my masters degree, which I just completed in August. Honestly he is the most precious thing and I am so happy that I finally have him.

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  4. CJR The Brit Avatar

    Omg he is so cute!

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    1. kyera Avatar


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  5. indiefan20 Avatar

    OH MY GOD HE IS SO ADORABLE!! I love the name Olly, it’s perfect for him! How did you come up with it? πŸ™‚

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    1. kyera Avatar

      I named one of my book characters Olius and his nickname is Olly. He’s that cinnamon roll character that you want to protect at all costs. So I had settled on that as my dogs name or at least his nickname so I was trying to figure out what his full name could be.. Oliver, Ollivander, Apollo, etc..
      And I ended up just deciding to make Olly his actual name.

      Now he has a bunch of nicknames… Olly Pop (lollipop) Olly Puppins practically perfect in every way (Mary Poppins), and I’m thinking that he needs to dress up for the holidays so I can send out things that say Happy Olly Days!! πŸ˜… I’m such a nerd. Haha.

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