A Court of Candles Unboxing

I ordered some candles for Christmas for other people (and myself). My order ended up ‘being shipped’ but not actually being shipped for over two weeks, oops! So they were kind enough to give me a discount code for their candles… and I went a little crazy, so I figured I’d share them with you! (These are my Christmas gifts, random candles, and whatever other candles I haven’t shown you guys, btw. So it’s a lot of candles!)

I got a few candles for other people, but I haven’t gifted them yet (so shh don’t tell!) Spoilers are afoot!

I think you can imagine who this might be for…

And why these are matching quotes?

Daenerys Inspired Candles

My best friend only recently discovered Game of Thrones and became obsessed with Dany. So I’m going to give these to her!

I don’t know what this smells like? It doesn’t tell me…

I loved the art on this, but the scent? Not my thing, so they were kind enough to change the scent of this to match one of my custom candle’s scents since I told them I didn’t need a custom label, it was the regular price!

I was kind of curious what this one would smell like.. because embers, berries, and lemon verbena? I can’t even imagine it.

What on earth does mischief smell like? Ah yes, as a chaotic neutral character I smell like sugar, mischief, coconut, and lemon.. sounds legit.

I’m not a Hufflepuff, but unsurprisingly they smell the best – who wouldn’t want cake and vanilla chai?

Ravenclaws apparently smell like black tea (maybe), leather (probably), and cirtus (uh, I guess?).

I didn’t have anything Percy Jackson themed for my Rick Riordan shelves, so I thought this one would be nice.

I didn’t know how I would feel about this one, but I used it the other day and it’s nice! Who knew you’d want to smell homework planners?

I honestly don’t remember why I got this one? Lavender/flowery scents are not my thing.

I honestly expected the Nikolai candle to be bright yellow, is that weird?

This one smells delicious. I’m so sad they don’t sell it anymore or I’d buy another.

This one smells lovely and I felt that I needed more Grisha-verse stuff in my life, even though I didn’t necessarily care for Alina as a character.

Super weird, but I never thought mandarin, spices, and silver eggs would smell good and it does.

Have you ever wondered what magic smells like? Yeah, so … I can’t really describe this one since it’s magic, forest, and moonlight.

I find some of their smell descriptions to be utterly hilarious, since there’s no way you can figure out what the heck the candle is supposed to smell like. Ah yes, good intentions and the rays of the sun. That’s the candle I need – but they smell delicious, so I don’t care.

So was this a weird unboxing or did you enjoy seeing some of the bookish candles I’ve bought in the last year? Did you have a favourite or have you purchased candles from a Court of Candles before? Let me know in the comments!





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